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This list of nominees is maintained by the Chief Returning Officer ( This page is write protected and can only be edited by either CRO

# Nominee Name Country Positive attributes Nominated by

1 Javier Jiménez Shaw Germany Javier is deeply knowledgeable about geodesy, and has presented two talks at FOSS4G2023. He's made contributions to PROJ and GDAL, and has already been asked to be part of the project steering committee (PSC) for both projects. Iván Sánchez Ortega
2 Jan Suleiman Germany Jan is one of the driving forces and core developer behind the OSGeo Community Project GeoStyler, and has organised the GeoStyler Code Sprints for the past 2 years. He has presented GeoStyler at FOSS4G 2023 in Prizren, as well as the previous 2 FOSS4Gs. Jan is a very active full-stack developer in the geospatial community - see his GitHub account at, and is a contributor to other OSGeo projects and community projects including GeoExt. Seth Girvin
3 Niene Boeijen Netherlands Niene is the current chairperson for the Dutch local chapter of OSGeo, known as OSGeo.NL. She’s a frequent visitor and speaker at the FOSS4G events, both international and local (see her webpage at for some examples). Niene was also the driving force behind the maptime events in the Netherlands, is one of the few people I know that easily blends coding with great design (most of her talks are about visualization, and those that aren’t are still visually stunning) and is a real role-model and activist for getting more women in geo-related tech in the Netherlands. Oh, and of course it’s all open source. And did I mention she’s also a great human being? Erik Meerburg
4 Levente Juhász United States of America Levente is a Research Assistant Professor at Florida International University in Miami, FL, USA. He is an avid supporter of free and open-source geospatial software and data, he has significantly contributed to open communities and co-chairing the Academic Track at the OpenStreetMap State of the Map series (now OSM-Science) and co-organized Maptime Miami. His dedication and advocacy to FOSS4G is evident in both his research and teaching. With a history of collaboration, making his own work open source and reproducible, commitment, and notable teamwork skills, Levente is poised to make great contributions to the OSGeo Foundation's objectives. Peter Mooney
5 Taro Matsuzawa Japan Taro works several OSS project includes OSGeo related project. And he is very active in the OSGeo.JP community and talks in FOSS4G Global and Local event. Nobusuke Iwasaki
6 Yasunori Kirimoto Japan Yasuhiro is working on several OSS projects, including OSGeo-related projects. And he has a lot of experience speaking at FOSS4G Local events. He is also active in the local community such as Maplibre Japanese User group and disseminating information on his personal blog. Nobusuke Iwasaki
7 Gerkery Soto Roque Dominican Republic Gerkery has a degree in Computer Engineering, currently carrying out his activities at the National Geographic Institute of the Dominican Republic, where, together with organizations such as the National Statistical Institute and ECLAC, he promotes the implementation of SDI at institutional and national levels. This having an impact at the regional level where he promotes open source in the use of geospatial systems and participating in working groups such as UNGGIM and IPHG representing his institution. He also participates in the academic community and OSM Ariel Anthieni
8 Kanahiro Iguchi Japan Kanahiro is a developer specialized in Geospatial and Web Technologies. With years of experience as an Engineering Manager, Tech Lead, and CTO, he has worked on several OSS projects, including QGIS, MapLibre, and other OSGeo-related projects. He has presented extensively at FOSS4G Global and Local events, sharing his knowledge and experiences. Additionally, he actively promotes FOSS4G tools through technical blogs and books. Nobusuke Iwasaki
9 Masaharu Ohashi Japan Masaharu has been a member of the OSGeo Japan Chapter since 2012 and became the Secretary General of OSGeo.JP in 2023. He has significantly contributed to the growth of the Japanese community by organizing local events and managing the OSGeo Japan Chapter. Furthermore, Masaharu promotes the value of FOSS4G tools not only at community events but also within his company's business operations. Nobusuke Iwasaki
10 Julia Martinuzzi Argentina I recommend Julia Martinuzzi for consideration as a Chapter Member within OSGeo. Her extensive involvement and contributions to the geospatial community are commendable. She has actively participated in various OSGeo events, including FOSS4G, where her presentations have consistently showcased her expertise and dedication to advancing the field. Her involvement in IDERA Argentina and her contribution of insightful talks have played a vital role in disseminating knowledge and fostering collaboration within the geoinformatics community. Moreover, Julia's participation in the International Congress of the Chilean Spatial Data Infrastructure (IDE) in 2022 demonstrated her dedication to regional initiatives and her willingness to collaborate across borders to promote open standards and sustainable geospatial practices. Julia's passion for making geospatial information accessible to a wider audience is inspiring. Her creative approaches and unwavering commitment to the mission of OSGeo align perfectly with the organization's values. She not only possesses the technical skills required for this role but also the collaborative spirit that is essential in a Chapter Member. Ariel Anthieni
11 KIM Taehoon Japan Taehoon has been deeply involved in developing open standards and in bridging them to open software. He is involved in the Geoserver 3D extension, which he co-presented at FOSS4G Boston 2017 and worked in the compliance side of Geoserver/Geotools during the FOSS4G 2015 Code Sprint. Taheoon also volunteers often to participate in the OGC code sprints, where he supports the update of open software to support OGC standards. Joana Simoes

12 Takashige Nakagawa Japan Takeshige Nakagawa has worked on TerriaJS and CKAN projects at Pacific Spatial Solutions, Inc. He is an instructor for TerriaJS hands-on sessions and has extensive experience in promoting OSGeo JP regional events. His involvement with OSGeo JP started in 2006 and he became a JP steering committee member in 2012. He also created the theme music ( for FOSS4G Japan and FOSS4G ASIA 2014 events, which many have heard. Hirofumi Hayashi
15 Marco Ciolli Italy Marco is an Associate Professor at the University of Trento in Italy. He has been one of the original founders of, the Italian OSGeo chapter, in 2007. Since then he has been a core participant and presenter at Italian, European and global FOSS4Gs. He was Co-chair of the Academic Track at the recent FOSS4G 2022 and FOSS4G 2023 conferences. Marco adopts open source geospatial software in his decades-long research and teaching activity. He is an open, creative and passionate person that would represent a great addition to the OSGeo family. Marco Minghini
17 Wei Ji Leong New Zealand Wei Ji has been an OSGeo Oceania member since 2021, and is an active contributor in building cloud-native geospatial Machine Learning tools. He is a maintainer of Python packages such as zen3geo and PyGMT, and also helps as a recipe maintainer for 20+ conda-forge feedstocks and pangeo-docker-images which are used widely in the geospatial sector. In terms of outreach, he has led/co-led workshops at FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2019 (, Earth Science Women’s Network (ESWN) Professional Development in 2021 ( EGU22 General Assembly (, been involved on the organizing side of community events like ICESat-2 Hackweek, and is an upcoming speaker at FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2023 ( Being part of the Pangeo ML Working Group, he values working collaboratively on free and open source software developments, and regularly answers questions on the Pangeo discourse and Generic Mapping Tools forums. Wei Ji will be a great person to support future initiatives by the OSGeo Foundation, especially in the Oceania region. Alex Mandel
18 Kathryn A Berger United Kingdom Kathryn is an active member of the Women+ in Geospatial group. Particularly advocating and organizing for the mentorship program which included the publication of GIS Portfolio 101 ( where Kathryn represented the open source power user perspective. Kathryn also contributes to workshops and documentation in open source repositories that provide other science users with tutorials on Big Data Science, Remote Sensing and Machine Learning with open source software. Alex Mandel
19 Sandeepan Dhoundiyal India It's my pleasure to nominate Sandeepan to be an OSGeo Charter Member. He participated in GSoC 2022 with OSGeo and has been contributing to the ZOO-Project. Sandeepan is excited to make further contributions and hence, I nominate him to be an OSGeo Charter member from India. Rajat Shinde
20 Jashanpreet Singh India It's my pleasure to nominate Jashanpreet to be an OSGeo Charter Member. He attended FOSS4G 2023 and has been contributing to various open-source activities. Jashanpreet is excited to make further contributions and hence, I nominate him to be an OSGeo Charter member from India. Rajat Shinde
22 Dimple Jain India It's my pleasure to nominate Dimple to be an OSGeo Charter Member. She has been an active contributor to the QGIS community and has attended FOSS4G 2023 and STAC Sprint 2023. Dimple can further contribute to the OSGeo community through various capabilities and hence, I nominate her to be an OSGeo Charter member. Rajat Shinde