New Mexico Chapter Report 2007

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New Mexico OSGeo Chapter

  • Annual Report: Jan-Dec 2007
  • Contact Name: Zack Stauber

Key Accomplishments

  • Chapter was founded with seven members
  • Local web site was set up New Mexico OSGeo
  • Area of focus were defined:
  • Beta of Metadata Manipulator for populating large amounts of metadata was written, being tested on new topographic data acquired in New Mexico and aerial photography acquired in Texas.
  • Python scripts for cataloging data hosted by the Resource Geographic Information System (RGIS) were written and put into use.

Areas for Improvement

  • Still getting chapter website/SVN repository off the ground
  • Need to recruit more members
  • Need to raise awareness of OS applications used by well-known local businesses, utilities, government agencies

Opportunities to Help

  • Once SVN repository is off the ground a member could make a template for project pages, one project per web page
  • Members can upload their own scripts and utilities that to have a home for distribution

Outlook for 2008

  • Definitely going to offer Metadata Manipulator and several other utilities for download on website
  • Will attempt to regularize meetings monthly or bimonthly starting in summer