Ninth VisCom Meeting Minutes

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This meeting was entirely via IRC (IRC log) on July 20th, 2006, from 9:00am to 10:00 PST. Present were mpg (as chair and scribe) and Tyler (as deputy-co-assistant-vice-chair).

We covered "new" business", and also scrubbed out a lot of the "old" business. Action items are in bold. Minutes are organized by subject, not chronologically.

  • Committee membership (all)
    • DaveM was removed (will be doing Fun things)
    • Peter remains in limbo, Lisa Landers to join us soon
    • Alain has been bust, but still involved with us
  • Events / OSCON (Tyler)
    • Gary L's doing a keynote
    • we have a whole 45 minute OSGeo session: Jo Walsh, Mark Lucas, Aaron Racicot all presenting
    • distributing some of the free passes, inc. 2 to Portland State Univ. students
    • BOF meeting, organised by locals, inc. PSU's osgis user group
    • two of our folks to attend the exclusive "Executive Briefing" event thing
    • shirts ordered!
    • overview brochure done up by Tyler (Tyler to post on website)
  • Events / GeoWeb (Michael)
    • no free passes from Autodesk to give away
    • meetup event trying to happen, mpg to work on it
    • mpg to ask Ian to hang out at booth?
    • Gary is keynoting
    • mpg is presenting and panelling and workshopping
    • Ian is presenting
    • mpg to get some brochures and whatnot done up for the ADSK booth
  • OSGeo Membership
    • Tyler may have idears on how to "recruit"
    • LisaL has ideas too, from previous jobs (Bentley, Intergraph)
    • recruiting falls within our remit, perhaps
    • Fishbowl? clipboard?
    • benefits: certain pay levels get you shirts, business cards, ... ("Happy Meal" model)
    • example card
    • keep this on the agenda for future
  • Press Releases (mpg)
    • the "6-month" one went out
    • got picked up in a lot of places
    • mpg to get website hit stats, etc (from auke)
    • mpg wants a press release evey quarter or so
  • Events / Future
    • need to make sure FOSS4G is covered whilst Arnulf is away
    • need an owner for EuroOSCON -- possibly Schuyler+zool?
    • mpg to do up a "list of Event Owner tasks" page
    • Kirsten: Disc. MapAsia and World Map Forum with Venka re: possibility of helping w/ OSGeo booth.
    • mpg still not happy with Events page, wants more process
  • Misc
    • Tyler to start a logo "guidelines" and "usage" page, for us to kick around
    • need to try again and get a Translation team together
    • TODO: start a Strategy page, sync with FunCom - broadly solicit general ideas
    • newsletter: we just need volunteers, can leverage GRASS work, etc; could include reports from committees, board, etc