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Does your FOSS4G project implement or is compliant to Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specifications? Given OSGeo's Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the OGC, OSGeo provides the following services for community, incubating or official projects.

OSGeo Certified and Implementing Products

Note that some projects may be registered with different organizations than OSGeo.

OGC Certification

The primary purpose of the OGC Compliance Testing Program is to increase systems interoperability while reducing technology risks by providing a process whereby compliance with OGC standards can be tested.

The OGC Compliance Testing Policy (OGC 08-134r10) recognises the following categories of products:

  • Implementation: A computer program that claims to fulfill the requirements defined in a particular OGC Standard. The product implements an OGC standard, but has not been formally certified to be compliant with that standard.
  • Reference Implementation: A fully functional, licensed copy of a tested, branded software that has passed the test for an associated conformance class in a version of an Implementation Standard and that is free and publicly available for testing via a web service or download. The Reference Implementation does not need to pass all the conformance classes within the standard. In most of the cases, the Reference Implementation will pass at least the core and possibly some number of extension conformance classes. Multiple reference implementations can exist for an associated version of an Implementation Standard.
  • Certified OGC Compliant product: A product that has been tested and approved by the OGC as compliant to one or more OGC Implementation Standards. Upon approval, OGC issues a Trademark License that entitles the organization to use the “Certified OGC Compliant” mark on the product and in marketing materials.

OGC certification is required on an annual basis for all projects.

Demo hosting

If your project is an OGC Reference Implementation you are required to provide a public demonstration instance. SAC provides hosting services and is able to create dedicated VMs on a project specific basis with automation capabilities (Docker etc.), daily/weekly backups and metrics/monitoring to ensure uptime and availability.

Priority is given to OSGeo projects which are OGC Reference Implementations.

How to Get Started

Requesting Certification

Open a ticket on the OSGeo Board issue tracker with your request for a project certification.

Requesting a VM

Open a ticket on the OSGeo issue tracker with your request for a VM (Component: Systems Admin).


Tweet: https://twitter.com/OSGeo/status/1275586970530480133

News item: https://www.osgeo.org/foundation-news/osgeo-certification-services-for-ogc-compliance-and-reference-implementations/

Mailing lists

Ticket: https://git.osgeo.org/gitea/osgeo/todo/issues/67