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Geo-Dev Evening

About the Geo-Dev Evening

The OSGeo.be is a large community with users, devs, ... and we want to organize events dedicated to the devs. The idea is to choose a tech, invite some speakers, having high-level presentations, high-level talks, ... and drinking some Trappist beers (selected by Maëlle).

First meeting : Friday 29 January (19h-20h, ULB - local DB6.133)

REGISTRATION : https://framadate.org/Haimxzm7wyHoBmUa

What are the techs we want to learn ? Who can give good and interesting presentation ? When and where we will organize the event ? Do we agree with the wise beers selection of Maëlle ?

We need to answer to all these questions and more we will be for answering to it, more interresting the event will be. Since FOSDEM 2016 is around the corner, we propose to have a meeting on Friday 29 January in a place close to the ULB campus for solving all these questions.

We will meet on the local ULB local DB6.133 (6th floor of Building D, Solbosch campus : https://www.ulb.ac.be/campus/solbosch/plan-D.html)

Foreseen techs (to be completed)

OpenLayers 3

Speakers :

  • Thomas Gratier


Speakers :

  • Vincent Picavet
  • Olivier Courtin


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