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16:02 <@Dirkf> Hi Tommy
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16:02 <@Dirkf> Hi Johan
16:02 < Tommy_> Hi Dirk
16:02 < Tommy_> Are you ok ?
16:02 < johanvdw> Hi all
16:03 < Tommy_> hello Johan
16:03 <@Dirkf> Yes, looking for the agenda in my mail...
16:05 <@Dirkf> Agenda for today:
16:05 <@Dirkf> lead for FOSS4G-BE, Date of the event, First feedback about the 
               structure, ...
16:05 < Tommy_> ok
16:05 <@Dirkf> 1. Lead for FOSS4G-BE
16:06 <@Dirkf> any volunteers?
16:06 < Tommy_> you ?
16:06 <@Dirkf> or do we wait some couple of moments for Mauritz and ...
16:06 < Tommy_> I think we shoud wait a little more
16:06 < johanvdw> It would be useful to have a breakdown of how much work it was to 
                  organise the previous events
16:07 <@Dirkf> If no other volunteers appear ... 
16:07 < Tommy_> like Johan said
16:07 <@Dirkf> The lead can decide how complex he wants to make the organisation...
16:07 < Tommy_> it depends on how much time it takes
16:07 < Tommy_> but I guess
16:07 < Tommy_> It takes some time
16:08 <@Dirkf> I know. 
16:08 < Tommy_> that's what Mauritz said
16:08 < johanvdw> We can distribute work
16:09 < Tommy_> indeed
16:09 <@Dirkf> I agree, but someone has to take the lead.
16:09 < johanvdw> If someone manages the location and someone else eg the contacts 
                  with sponsors I am willing to take the lead
16:09 <@Dirkf> I suggest we wait until 16:15 before we make decisions
16:09 < Tommy_> ok
16:10 < Tommy_> but I just remember
16:11 < Tommy_> that Moritz said he has another obligation at 16h00
16:11 <@Dirkf> So it's only the tree of us then?
16:11 < Tommy_> "Friday afternoon, not too late (I have another obligation at 16h) 
                would be ok for me."
16:11 < Tommy_> I guess so
16:12 <@Dirkf> I just returned from Brussels, being here at 15:55...
16:12 <@Dirkf> indeed. 
16:12 <@Dirkf> So do we reshedule the meeting, or make decisions of our own and make 
               them public at the wiki?
16:13 < Tommy_> I don't know
6:13 <@Dirkf> @Johan?
16:13 < Tommy_> but I don't think that there will be a lot of volunteers 
16:13 < johanvdw> As a general rule I think we should always have decisions taken on 
                  the mailinglist
16:13 < Tommy_> for taking the lead
16:14 <@Dirkf> OK
16:14 < johanvdw> I think it is useful to reshedule this meeting if we have no input 
                  on eg location
16:14 <@Dirkf> indeed.
16:15 <@Dirkf> actions?
16:15 < Tommy_> that's indeed a required input
16:15 < Tommy_> but Dirk, to be clear, are you ok with taking the lead ?
16:16 <@Dirkf> I thougt Johan suggested to take the lead?
16:16 < Tommy_> that's also ok for me
16:17 <@Dirkf> So we should send a message on the mailing list to vote on his.
16:17 < Tommy_> just a matter of work distribution if i understand well
16:17 <@Dirkf> I think point 1 is closed with this.
16:17 < Tommy_> ok for you, Johan ?
16:17 < johanvdw> Actually I said I want to take the lead if someone can arrange a 
                  location so I can focus on the content and other things. 
16:18 < Tommy_> ok, that's what I understood
16:18 <@Dirkf> Taking the lead is taking the ownership, so you should manage someone 
               to look for the location.
16:21 < Tommy_> Guys, i don't think that irc is very convenient
16:21 <@Dirkf> @Johan, I volunteer to take the lead (if seconded on the mailing 
               list). I will look for somebody to take care of the hosting. Can you 
               work on the content?
16:21 <@Dirkf> no it isn't.
16:21 < johanvdw> OK 
16:22 < johanvdw> Tommy_: I'm ok using skype or sth else
16:22 <@Dirkf> Can you send a mail on the mailing list with a question for voting?
16:22 <@Dirkf> @johan)
16:22 <@Dirkf> Then I think point one is closed
16:23 <@Dirkf> 2. Date of the even
16:23 <@Dirkf> Not relevant at this stage, I will look for a place to host the event 
16:23 <@Dirkf> Can we close point 2?
16:23 < johanvdw> Looks logical
16:24 < Tommy_> I think so...
16:24 <@Dirkf> @Tommy: skype is ok for me, I am online, but Johan has to install it 
16:25 < johanvdw> I can try to connect in 5 minutes
16:25 <@Dirkf> No need for this time @johan...
16:26 <@Dirkf> we will end this meeting and then use skype for a next one.
16:26 <@Dirkf> Agree to close point 1 and 2?
16:26 < Tommy_> ok for me
16:26 <@Dirkf> +1 for me
16:26 < johanvdw> ok
16:26 <@Dirkf> @Johan?
16:26 < johanvdw> For the next meeting perhaps better to have doodle so more people 
                  can join
16:27 < Tommy_> indeed
16:27 <@Dirkf> OK.
16:27 <@Dirkf> 3. First feedback about the structure
16:28 <@Dirkf> I talked to Ben Abelhouen.
16:28 <@Dirkf> Abelhausen I mean
16:28 <@Dirkf> He has a good experience in working with Open Knowledge Foundation for 
16:29 <@Dirkf> I will write a short mote on the discussion list about my conversation 
               and I will ask if I can start talking with Pieter Colpaert for 
               discussing the details of a coöperation.
16:29 <@Dirkf> OK?
16:29 < Tommy_> No problem for me
16:30 < johanvdw> Perfect for me
16:30 <@Dirkf> OK.
16:30 <@Dirkf> then I think we can close this meeting.
16:30 <@Dirkf> Action points:
16:30 <@Dirkf> 1. Johan writes a mail to ask vor volunteers for taking the lead. I 
               will volunteer if nobady else does.
16:31 < johanvdw> ok
16:31 <@Dirkf> 2. I write a mail about feedback of the conversation with OSM about 
16:32 <@Dirkf> I think thats it.
16:32 <@Dirkf> Any other points?
16:32 < Tommy_> ok Dirk, thx
16:32 <@Dirkf> Who will put the meeting minutes on the wiki?
16:32 < johanvdw> Dirkf: I'll just ask if someone takes the lead - not mention you 
                  will do it if noone else does it
16:32 <@Dirkf> Johan?
16:33 < johanvdw> otherwise I don't think anyone will be a candidate
16:33 <@Dirkf> OK I agree
16:33 < Tommy_> ;-)
16:33 < johanvdw> Ok, I'll add a short report to the wiki
16:33 <@Dirkf> just put the full meeting minutes also online.
16:34 <@Dirkf> As done by the OSGeo board also.
16:34 <@Dirkf> OK. I close this meeting.
16:35 < Tommy_> ok, bye guys