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Skype meeting 12-10-2015


Dirk Gaël Johan Oliver Maëlle Marc Moritz Tommy


* Program
* Booklet
* Organisation and call for volunteers
  • OSGeo
* OSGeo-BE Legal structure
* Miscellaneous



The schedule prepared by Johan serves as a basis for discussions. The "3+5" format is finally adopted. The paper "Copie Interdite" is removed from the program and is replaced by "Cataloguing open geodata with CKAN : new features, belgian perspective". During the opening session, Dirk will present OSGeo (9:30-9:50), Julien Fastré will present OSM (9:50-10:10) and Bart De Lathouwer will present OGC (10:10-10:30). Some presentations may still be switched within a specific track. Geospatial Media and Communications would like to organise a panel discussion during our FOSS4G (16:30-17:30 ?). The theme would be around "disruptive business models". In exchange, they could sponsor the event as a gold sponsor. This proposition needs to be analysed because it has an impact on the program and costs. At this point, we don't know if it is possible.

Action: Johan : send a mail to inform the speakers
Action: Johan : send abstracts to Maëlle (for translators)
Action: Gaël and Johan : adapt website
Action: Gaël, Dirk : discuss with Geospatial Media and Communications to see if it is possible to organise an panel discussion and at what conditions


Most of the sponsors have not sent their booklet page yet. We also need some other contents : welcome from the president, OSGeo-EU, OSGeo-Live commercial. At this point, we don't know how much the booklet will cost.

Action: Johan, Dirk : prepare booklet contents
Action: Dirk : ask Geospatial Media and Communications if they could help us with the booklet

Organisation & call for volunteers

Gaël will give us the registration stats. We'll produce Foss4g.be t-shirts. Production cost is 10 € per t-shirt (VAT excluded). We'll order a hundred pieces. In order to keep the organisation as simple as possible, lunch can only be paid via credit card (via EventBrite). Lunch will probably be offered to volunteers and translators. We also need to know what are the latest date at which lunch and t-shirt can be ordered. It could be a good idea to organise a an evening dinner on October 28 with all speakers (at their own cost).

Action: Gaël : send registration stats
Action: Gaël : update EventBrite with the t-shirt option
Action: Gaël : send an email to already registered people to inform them about the program, the lunch and the t-shirt
Action: Gaël : ask for the final deadline for lunch tickets
Action: Dirk, Oliver : ask for the final deadline for t-shirt
Action: Johan: send an email to all speakers for the evening dinner


OSGeo-BE Legal structure

Moritz needs all administrator's national number.

Action: all administrators : send national number to Moritz


All wiki pages should be "tagged" with the "Belgium category". Unless we need to organise a face to face meeting, next meeting will be a skype meeting.

The next skype meeting is scheduled for October 19, 17:00.