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Skype meeting 19-10-2015


Dirk Gaël Johan Oliver Maëlle Moritz Tommy


  • OSGeo.be
* OSGeo.be & Finances
* Logo
* Website
* Social event
* Booklet, poster & banner
* Organisation & volunteers tasks
  • Miscellaneous
* Next meeting


OSGeo-BE & Finances

OSGeo.be, asbl/vzw now officially exists ! Please note that whenever we use "OSGeo.be" or the full name "Open Source Geospatial - Belgium" in any document, web site, whatsoever, we are legally obliged to add 'asbl' and/or 'vzw'. The asbl/vzw is NOT subject to VAT. The budget overview is available here. The balance is clearly positive. We will organise a first board meeting before 15/11.

We don't have the authorisation to use the Atomium on our logo. The logo with the apple is too "connoted". At the moment and since we don't have a definitive design, the simple green logo will be used.


We will need a OSGeo.be website but it is not urgent at the moment. The [www.osgeo.be OSGeo.be url] is now redirected to the wiki. In order to let people register to OSGeo.be, we can simply add a section on the wiki page with instructions on how to do that. For instance, this can be done via a registration on OSGeo or via a google form. This can also be done during our FOSS4G event with the help of a volunteer with a laptop. Anyway, after the FOSS4G, we will send an email to all participants to ask them a feedback on the event and to ask them if they want to register to OSGeo.be. We will also create a repository with all official documents.


Social event

Johan will not be able to attend the dinner on October 28. Dirk and Rita will take the lead for this event. The dinner will take place at Restobieres in the center of Brussels

Action: Johan : send a mail with all speakers name
Action: Dirk, Rita : send invitation

Booklet, poster & banner

Moritz has prepared a draft booklet. Johan's text appears to be too long. He will work on it. The simple green logo will be used. The booklet will be printed by Bruxelles environnement. A poster has to be done. This task was initially given to Theo. Tommy will take actions in order to guarantee that we will have FOSS4G posters. We'll make a FOSS4G-BE banner (without the year) and we'll try to get the OSGeo.fr banner. Most of the sponsors have not sent their booklet page yet. We also need some other contents : welcome from the president, OSGeo-EU, OSGeo-Live commercial. At this point, we don't know how much the booklet will cost.

Action: Johan : update FOSS4G welcome etext
Action: Tommy : contact Theo and take the lead on the poster task
Action: Johan : take actions to create the FOSS4G-BE banner
Action: Marc : take actions to get the OSGeo.fr banner

Organisation & volunteers tasks

Gaël has proposed a specific implementation map. The proposition is approved but it will be important to put signs in and around the building. In the "booth village", specific slots will be given to each sponsor. We now have around 20 volunteers and 2 jobists from ULB. Oliver will take the lead to assign all tasks to volunteers. It is decided to try as much as possible to let OSGeo.be members to chair the sessions. We now have 236 registrations. We must make as much noise as possible about our event. We will also send reminders. We should also add a few words about how to cancel a registration in order to avoid tickets monopolization. The press release is now out. The Hackathon page is nearly finished.

Action: Oliver : take actions to assign all tasks to volunteers
Action: Gaël : send an email to already registered people to inform them about the program, the lunch and the t-shirt
Action: Moritz : send reminder to the list
Action: Johan : post announce on OSGeo
Action: Dirk, Oliver : post reminder on Twitter
Action: Tommy: post reminder on Facebook


Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for October 26, 17:00 at Brussels (Bruxelles environnement - face to face) .