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Skype meeting 09-11-2015


Dirk Johan Marc Oliver Tommy


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OSGeo-BE & Finances

The asbl/vzw is NOT subject to VAT : no VAT to impute to invoices and no VAT deduction. We have to make an invoice for CIRB. Marc will make a draft and send it to the team for validation. Some payments must also be done (t-shirts, banner). The only accounting obligation to keep track of income and expenses. It is officially decided that the asbl/zw first financial year will end on December 31 2015. At the moment, Marc and Dirk have access to the bank account. The bank account owner must be now changed from "Association de fait" to OSGeo.be asbl/vzw. It is decided that all expenses should as much as possible be validated by the board. Nevertheless, a maximum amount of 500 € can be paid without validation if an urgent payment is needed.

Action: Oliver, Marc : send t-shirts invoice to Marc in order to make the payment
Action: Johan, Marc : send banner invoice to Marc in order to make the payment
Action: Marc : prepare a draft invoice and send it to the team


The wiki page is sufficient for now. It must be cleaned up a little bit and some informations about the asbl/vzw should be added.

Action: Johan : update wiki page

Next events

There will be a geospatial devroom at FOSDEM next year. Having a booth there could be interesting but only if the booth can be in the same building as the devroom. Developer nights could also be organised 3 or 4 times per year (with subjects like Leaflet, Open Layers 3, ...). This could be a good opportunity to network with developers. Since FOSDEM 2016 is around the corner, it could be a good idea to combine our first dev event with it. The event could take place on Friday 29 January in a place close to the ULB campus.

Action: Johan : ask Maëlle and Moritz if it could be possible organise a dev event on Friday 29 January at ULB
Action: Marc : prepare a draft "Call for developers / speakers"


2015 : debriefing

Between 300 and 350 people attended the FOSS4G-Be conference. Since we did not ask registrants the permission to share their data, we will not send the participants list to sponsors. If needed, we can send an anonymized list with a number of attendants per company. We urgently need to add the presentations to the FOSS4G.be website. The pictures will also be added to Flickr. The video is already on Vimeo.

Action: Johan, Gaël : add presentations to the website
Action: Marc, Dirk : send mail to sponsors
Action: Oliver : add pictures to Flickr
Action: Gaël : send email to participants via EventBrite (evaluation, OSGeo.be membership, next events, ...)
Action: Johan : create a wiki page to keep track of all useful information about FOSS4G.be organisation


State of the Map 2016 will be held in Brussels, probably the week-end of September 24-25. This could be an opportunity to organise the FOSS4G 2016 on September 22. A code sprint could also be organised on September 23. Having the same venue as the SotM 2016 (VUB) could be very interesting. Information (volunteering, social event, ...) about the SotM 2015 can be obtained at this address : team [AT] stateofthemap [dot] org


Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for November 23, 17:00 (Skype meeting) .