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Skype meeting 23-02-2016


Johan Maëlle Marc Oliver Tommy


  • OSGeo.be
* OSGeo-BE strategy
* General assembly
* Website and logo
  • Next events
* Mapping party for homeless people
* Geo dev evening
* Other events
  • Miscellaneous
* Next meeting


OSGeo-BE strategy

We definitely need a f2f meeting to discuss the strategy with all board members.

Action: Johan : send doodle for the f2f strategy meeting

General assembly

General assembly will probably be organised the week before Easter holidays (21-25 /03).

Action: Johan : send doodle for the general assembly

Johan has received the template from OSGeo.nl. It is available here.

Next events

Mapping party for homeless people

There are 40 inscriptions for this event. Maëlle, Marc and Julien will give guidelines to the participants.

Geo dev evening

The Geo dev night subject should be Open Layers. The venue could be "Co-station" in Brussels. Marc has contacted them but has not received an answer yet. A "backup" venue could be ULB. IGN may also be a possibility. Marc also contacted some potential speakers. At this point, he's still waiting for answers.

Action: Johan, Marc : contact potential speakers

Other events

Dirk and Johan have been contacted to participate to a workshop organized by the Strategy Unit of the Minister for Development Cooperation, Digital Agenda, Post and Telcom : Workshop on digital tools and applications that can positively transform the Belgian development cooperation.
The next AGIV Trefdag will be held on March 17. We could be there if two persons (Dutch speakers) are available to represent OSGeo (Oliver and Johan ?)
There's also another event that could be interesting : MAPPSFORGHENT


Next meeting

The next meeting is not yet scheduled.