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Board meeting March 8th 2016 at ULB and Skype

Present: Maelle, Gael, Dirk, Marc, Johan (Skype), Tommy (Skype), Oliver

  • Topics
    • Prepare agenda for general assembly. See: General assembly - 24 March 2016
    • We need more members
    • Get new voting members
    • Get new board members
    • GWF -> speakers / help organizing
    • Missing maps party in Antwerp 23d of March
    • Missing maps party April 16th in Ghent (Dirk), Antwerp, Brussels (Moritz), Namur, Liege, Leuven,...
    • Evening event
      • Speaker for openlayers3
      • Date
        • Week after easter holidays
      • Location
        • For now: ULB (But looking for a better location)
        • Other options are welcome
    • Dirk / Johan had a talk about the meeting at de croo
  • Actions (Assigned)
    • Johan: Make the member list of osgeo.be public
    • Johan: Invite the members of osgeo.be
    • All: Continue general assembly date discussion on mailinglist
    • Maelle: Put logo vote on belgium mailinglist (final design from Quentin)
      • With the pee going round
      • Large/small green/white manneken pis without belgium
    • Oliver: send out the agenda of the general assembly
    • Oliver: Invite people to become voting member
  • Actions (Unassinged)
    • Publish in bullet points the contents of our statutes on the website
    • Keep track of all events, and decide who will represent osgeo.be