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OSGeo.be ASBL - Skype meeting 02-05-2016


Gaël Johan Maëlle Marc Moritz Oliver Tommy


  • FOSS4G-BE 2016
* Infrastructure, venue
* Call for Papers
* Call for Sponsors
* Schedule
* Translations
* Collaborations
* Website
* Federal Council of Surveyors
  • Miscellaneous
* Next meeting

FOSS4G-BE 2016

Infrastructure, venue

The FOSS4G-BE 2016 will probably be held at BEL (max attendance of 400 people) like last year. The financial conditions will also probably be the same. Gaël is waiting for a confirmation from his management. He should have the answer on may 13th. If it is confirmed, we will probably also have an extra conference room (next to the area where the sponsor village was last year).

Call for Papers

The call for Papers should be sent out ASAP. This year, we can proactively contact some persons (amongst others: administration, government, organisations) to see if they are interested in presenting topics about open source and open data. For instance, a keynote from OSM sounds like a good idea. Organizing a workshop is also a possibility but the attendance should be limited to max 20 persons.

Call for Sponsors

The call for Sponsors should be sent out ASAP. Nevertheless, we first need a confirmation about the packages that will be available for the sponsors. Sponsors won't have any guarantee about receiving a time slot for speaking. This year, we'll try to attract more people to the sponsors village (avenue, maps gallery contest, ...) We'll also check to see if we can distribute the participants list (names and companies) to the sponsors.

Action: Gaël : prepare a possible maps gallery contest


As soon as we get the venue confirmation (May 13th ?), we'll send the call for papers, call for sponsors and call for volunteers. The deadline for papers submission will be on June 15th and a preliminary program should be ready on June 30th. For now, we will announce the event.

Action: Johan : announce the FOSS4G-BE 2016 via mail


Like in 2015, we'll try to provide translations. This year, we could also provide English translations.

Action: Maëlle : contact the schools that helped us last year


Our next FOSS4G-Be could be a good opportunity to collaborate with other organisations : ICA, OSM, ... For instance, we can organise a Mapathon together with HOT. A meeting will also be planned together with the SoTM Belgium team.

Action: Moritz : contact Jorieke from HOT
Action: Johan : contact OSM
Action: Marc : send doodle for the meeting with SoTM


The FOSS4G-BE website will be updated. Johan can grant access to anyone willing to help.

Federal Council of Surveyors

The FOSS4G-BE could be recognized by the Federal Council. We'll see that as soon as we have nearly definitive program.


Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for May 18, 20:30 via Skype.