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OSGeo.be - Skype meeting 16-08-2016


Dirk Johan Marc Tommy


  • FOSS4G-BE 2016
* Program
* Call for Maps
* Call for Sponsors
* Communication
* Organisation - volunteers
* Collaborations
* Federal Council of Surveyors
  • Miscellaneous
* Next meeting

FOSS4G-BE 2016


A web page has been made with an overview of the current state of the program and a minimal system where authors can update their submission have been made. At the moment, few submitters have been notified that their abstract has been accepted. With that done, we can now prepare the registration opening. Ideally, it should be sent out via EventBrite next week.

Action: Johan : notify all submitters and give them access to the update system
Action: Marc : prepare a draft text for the registration opening
Action: Marc : contact Christian Quest
Action: Gaël : see who will be make the "Open Data Brussels" presentation

Call for Maps

Call for Maps is ready to be published. We will also do it via on EventBrite.

Action: Tommy : publish Call for Maps via the discussion list and Facebook
Action: Marc : publish Call for Maps via EventBrite
Action: MDirk : Tweet the Call for Maps

Call for Sponsors

GIM (gold) and Geode (silver) are sponsoring. The Call for Sponsors will be republished begin September. Meanwhile, we will contact last year sponsors individually to see if they are willing to sponsor this year.

Action: Gaël : contact Cirb, Innoviris and others potential sponsors from Brussels
Action: Dirk : contact Merkator, Geospatial Media and Communications
Action: Johan : check with RealDolmen if they're interested


Action: Johan : order new banner
Action: Johan : contact Maarten Lambrechts

Organisation - volunteers

At the moment, 2 persons are willing to help. We postpone this agenda point to next meeting (it will be discussed together with Oliver).


We will help the State of the Map team with the organisation of the hack day (September 26th)

Action: Marc : send mail to the team with information about the needs (chairs and tables that have to be rented)

Federal Council of Surveyors

Nobody is available at the moment at the Federal Council.

Action: Tommy : contact the Federal Council of Surveyors


Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for August 23 (next Tuesday), 17:30 via Skype.