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OSGeo.be - Skype meeting 08-09-2016


Johan Maëlle Marc Oliver Tommy


  • OSGeo.be
* General Assembly
  • FOSS4G-BE 2016
* Program
* Booklet
* Call for volunteers
* Call for Sponsors
* Registrations - Communication
* Social dinner
* Collaborations - hack day
  • Miscellaneous
* Next meeting


General Assembly

The dates on the invitation needs to be adapted. It can then be sent out.

Action: Tommy : adapt invitation and send email


It seems that there are two alternatives to manage our VAT obligations :

Anyway, we will contact an organisation that can help us with that issue

Action: Johan : contact VSDC

FOSS4G-BE 2016


The program has been slightly changed during the morning session.
The "State of Open Geo Data in Flanders" presentation also needs to be updated.

Action: Johan : update the program


Maëlle and Quentin have worked on the booklet. It needs to be validated this week-end.

Action: Maëlle : send the draft version of the booklet
Action: All : review the booklet this week-end

Call for volunteers

Call for volunteers has been published via the mailing list.

Action: Oliver : contact directly volunteers

Call for Sponsors

Innoviris is willing to help. For the rest, no more sponsor at the moment. We can contact last year sponsors individually to see if they are willing to sponsor this year.

Action: Gaël : talk to Innoviris to organise sponsorship
Action: All : contact last year sponsors individually

Registrations - Communication

There are now 138 registrations.
Since we need to decide now, we will make a reservation for 250 persons for the coffee breaks (price 9 €).
We need to make some noise around the event.

The banner has been ordered. We will also buy some special mugs. Gaël contacted Datanews and La Libre.

Action: All : make some noise around the event
Action: Maëlle : order the mugs

Social dinner

We will organise a social dinner the day before the event. Like last year, it will happen at Restobières in Brussels

Action: Oliver : send email to volunteers
Action: Johan : send email to sponsors
Action: Gaël : send email to presenters and make reservation

Collaborations - hack day

We have no answer to our emails. We will contact the State of the Map team (Ben) directly via phone.

Action: Johan : contact Ben from SoTM via phone


Next meeting

The next face to face meeting is scheduled for September 15, 16:30 at Brussels (Bruxelles environnement).