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OSGeo.be - Face to face meeting 15-09-2016


Johan Dirk Gaël Marc Tommy


  • FOSS4G-BE 2016
* Registrations
* Surveyors
* Volunteers - organisation
* Sponsors
* Communication - press release
* Social dinner
* Collaborations - hack day
* Program
  • OSGeo.be
* General Assembly
  • Miscellaneous
* Next meeting

FOSS4G-BE 2016


We currently have 186 registrations.

Action: all : activate our networks to try to attarct more people to the conference


The event will stay free but filing fees of 25 € will be charged to obtain a certificate. The whole administrative process (invoice, payment, certificate delivery) can handled after the event. All we gave to do is hold a register with check in and check out times.

Action: Marc : update EventBrite (surveyors tickets)
Action: Tommy : update website
Action: Tommy : announce our event to surveyors / associations

Volunteers - organisation

We definitely need to contact Oliver to see how many volunteers we have and how we van organise the work (documents, signs, ...)

Action: Tommy, Dirk : Contact Oliver


Platinum and and gold sponsors will get respectively two and one table(s) at the sponsor village. They will also get two parking places

Communication - press release

We'll try to contact some medias (espicially in Brussels). We'll also post something on the OpenBelgium blog.

Action: Gaël, Tommy : review last year press relase and send it to some medias
Action: Johan : post on OpenBelgium blog

Social dinner

Action: Gaël : send email to presenters and make reservation

Collaborations - hack day

We will be promoting the hackday during FOSS4G-BE


Detailed program for the morning is the following :

  • Intro: 10 minutes Johan intro conference
  • Dirk 5 minutes on OSGeo
  • Tommy 5 minutes on activities of OSGeo.be
  • Johan (coordinate)Overview of OSGeo Projects
  • Gael/Johan: News from Bonn - Gael impressions from Bonn


General Assembly

The General Assembly will be held in the Sylva room. It will be a good room to interact with participants


It seems that there are two alternatives to manage our VAT obligations :

Anyway, we will contact an organisation that can help us with that issue

Action: Johan : contact VSDC


Next meeting

Next meeting is scheduled for September 22 at Brussels (FOSS4G.BE - Bruxelles environnement).