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OSGeo.be - Skype meeting 22-11-2016


Dirk Gaël Johan Maëlle Marc Nicolas Oliver Tommy


  • OSGeo.be
* Social event 
* General Assembly
* Future activities
* OSGeo Europe
  • Miscellaneous
* Next meeting


Social event

The social event at Geosparc offices will take place on December 7th (Cheese and wine). We need to confirm our participation to Dirk via mail. This wiil be a good place to discuss informally our strategy together with the team. But the official decisions will be taken during a next meeting.

General Assembly

The General assembly minutes still need to be reviewed by Johan. The draft is nevertheless available here. Marc has not updated the financial report and budget yet. He will do it ASAP.

Future activities

There are a lot of upcoming activities (already planified or to be organised) :

  1. GeoDevRoom at FOSDEM'17 where we will have a booth (in main room, together with OSM)
  2. GeoDevEvening : we could organise a worshop on QGIS plugins. Kay Warrie may be a good speaker. Johan will contact him.
  3. Dewey's hackathon : it will be organised in March 2017 but Dewey would like to have our support because they don't really have technical skills. Gaël will meet them at the end of November.
  4. FOSS4G Boston : at this point, we don't know if someone will go there. It will probably be easier to go to FOSS4G Europe in Paris
  5. BEGeo : the event will take place on March 6th. We would like to organise a track there. Dirk will contact Ingrid Vanden Berghe to see what is possible.

OSGeo Europe

OSGeo Europe will probably need consultancy to solve some issues. This may be done by Dirk on behalf of GeoSparc or OSGeo.be. Dirk will ask for more details about what is needed.


Next meeting

The next meeting is not scheduled yet but it will be a f2f meeting and it will probably take place the week of September 12-16. Johan will send a doodle.