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Face to face meeting 13-09-2017


Dirk Gaël Johan Joost Maëlle Marc Roel Tommy


* Program
* Call for Maps
* Call for sponsors
* Registration & catering
* Call for volunteers
* OSGeo.be General assembly
* Miscellaneous



We made a first review of all submitted papers. Johan will propose a first version of the program.

Action: Johan : make first version of the program

Call for Maps

At the moment, two proposals (one with 3 maps) have been submitted. We expect more proposals in the near furure (Maelle's trainees, ...) In principle, 20 maps can be printed at IBGE. We'll have to find a solution if we have more maps. A reminder will be sent.

Action: Berdien : send a call for maps reminder

Call for sponsors

There are different versions (new package) of the call for sponsors. Since we don't have a lot of time left, we'll make it simple this year. Gaël will review the text and send a definitive version (in french). Dirk will translate the CFS in Dutch.

Action: Gaël : send a definitive version (in french)
Action: Dirk : translate CFS in dutch

Registration and catering

Marc will prepare the EventBrite event but we first need more informations about the catering.

Action: Maëlle : send the catering companies list to Rita
Action: Rita : contact the catering companies
Action: Marc : prepare the EventBrite event

Call for volunteers

Joah wil ask Oliver if he can send the call for volunteers

Action: Johan : ask Oliver to take care of the call for volunteers

OSGeo.be General assembly

Tommy will prepare a first agenda.

Action: Tommy : send a preliminary agenda


The next skype meeting is scheduled for September 18, 18:00.