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Operational Budget for 2016

Thanks to our sponsors, and a series of successful events, OSGeo does have an operational budget for 2016.

The Board has divided the above budget up according to our priority as an organization. Please keep in mind that prior boards have taken this approach - and spent nothing due to lack of volunteers willing to lead the charge. The following is budget and does not represent a commitment to spend money on the actives listed - to do that we need your help as a volunteer!

Board meeting 11/2/2016 Amount Jan–August Sept–dec (Budget Increase) Notes
1. Admin 9.000,00 6000 3000 (4500) administration overhead
2. Insurance 3.200,00 2133 1067 (0)
3. SAC 12.800,00 9633 3167 (10800) infrastructure and online presence
4. Outreach 15.000 12500 2500 (13000) starter kits, LiveDVD/USB, Marketing, OSGeo Student Awards
5. Travel 15.000 7500 7500 (11000) director & president travel - facilitate interaction with external parties (UN, OGC,...)
6. Events 20.000 10000 10000 (11000) OSGeo internal (townhall, codesprint, ) and external (e.g.. ISPRS, EGU, GWF...) events
Total 75.000 47.766 27.234 (50.300) This represents a 50k increase on last years budget

Notes and clarifications:

  • This is the 2016 operating budget for OSGeo, prior to this baseline being set the board established a $150k floor (allowing for a year of minimal operating expenses ($50k) and two failed foss4g conferences ($50k x 2).
  • This is the 2016 operating budget for OSGeo, it does not cover:
    • Recurring events budgets that have kept sponsorship from year to year (some of these funds are held by regional foss4g groups)
    • Multi-year costs associated with our annual FOSS4G conference.
    • Project budgets (OpenLayers, MapServer, ...) are under their direction of their associated PSC.
  • OSGeo stepped down from playing an active role during our application for US 501(c)(4) status - we are now ready to take on this responsibility for committees and projects.
  • If your project or committee is interested in fundraising for an activity please ask the nearest board member for details on how we can help.