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Overview and background information

Open source geospatial certifications are a need of geospatial technology education and industry sector. Parallel to proprietary software, free and open source software has become important in geospatial technology research and plays a significant role in the growth of the geospatial industry. The basis for the creation of new open source geospatial certification program lies in online surveys as well as in personal interviews for its market demand, and analysis of existing certifications. Target group and audience for this certification as identified by the online survey include specialist from water resources, renewable energy, environmental studies, and emergency management etc. To evaluate the significance of certification, an online geospatial certification survey of academic and professional was conducted. Participants from different parts of the world supported and reinforced the idea of an open source certification model. The survey helped improving the quality of certification for different competencies consisting different target groups.


Certifications play an important role to identify the skills abilities and knowledge

1. This certification is based on Geospatial Technology Competency Model [1]. which was prepared to produce best work force in geospatial industry from basic user to high professional. hence the proposed Open Source Certification is based on authenticated competencies which are designed by many experts and educators. In addition it will help to produce best professionals and users in geospatial industry.

2. Empowerment of open geospatial education which is less reflected in the universities.

3. The proposed Certification Model is based on acknowledged competencies and skills. It wil ease the relationship between comapnies and job seekers.

OSGeo Certification Set-Up Process

Who is going to accreditate this certification - many suggesions were in favour of OSGeo.

Things to discuss and to elaborate

  • Becoming an OSGeo Certified Professional
  • Becoming an OSGeo Certified Examiner
  • Becoming an OSGeo Certified Educator