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The purpose of this section is to catalog the inventories of Java code being developed and maintained by OSGeo members. This inventory may reduce code duplication and enhance code reuse. All the code listed in the inventories should be released under a FOSS license and should be at least loosely related to the development of geospatial software.

The Sunburned Surveyor's Inventory

Project Name: GPX Support

Status: Complete (Near first stable release.)

License: LGPL

Release Entity: GeoTools

Description: Library that support the input/output or reading/writing of Topographix GPX files. Emphasis is on low level access to waypoint, route and track entities. Includes support for manipulation of GPX files, GPX metadata and temporal queries of GPX entities.

Project Name: JTin

Status: Partially Complete

License: GPL

Release Entity: The JUMP Pilot Project

Description: Library that allows creation and manipulation of TINs. Orginally started as a Google Summer-of-Code project for OSGeo and OpenJUMP.