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"OSGeo OpenGeoscience" Awards

It is important that OSGeo has strong strategic focus in open science and this Awards initiative is aimed at further expanding and promoting our objectives.

The "OSGeo OpenGeoscience" Awards for is awarded to researcher who have demonstrated contributions to FOSS4G. The aim of the awards is to recognise the excellent contributions from researchers worldwide not only to FOSS4G but also acknowledge their contributions to open knowledge and being good global citizens by helping spread the benefits of science to all. Also by giving certificates will be a great moral boost for the researchers. This recognition is much much bigger than the monetary award .The awards will be given at selected OPEN SOURCE GEOSPATIAL RESEARCH AND EDUCATION SYMPOSIUM (OGRS) 2018 http://2018.ogrs-community.org to ensure geographic distribution and participation.


  • scientist participating to the award will send their agreement at least one week before of the event
  • the committee appointed by Open Geoscience committee will select the winner during the OGRS event
  • a delegate of the Open Geoscience committe will announce the winner at the closing session of the event

  • a few days later the OGRS 2018 event, send award recipient details (name, bank information, address) to treasurer@osgeo.org and president@osgeo.org
  • OSGeo Treasurer can then prepare transfer of funds
  • OSGeo President or Open Geoscience Committee Chair can then prepare short letter informing of award (to be placed in envelope that will be presented to recipient)
  • post-event a news release should be sent to news_item@osgeo.org