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Migrated to http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/

This page discusses the OSGeo Binary Distribution (OSGeo4W) and Installer of software for MS Windows. It is a specific case of the OSGeo Binary Distribution.

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Communication / Coordination

Mailing list: osgeo4w-dev@lists.osgeo.org (Subscribe, Archive, Search)

Bugs: Create Ticket, Open Tickets


  • Include a wide variety of OSGeo packages.
  • Painless installation
  • Select desired packages only, and pull in dependencies automatically.
  • Focused on Win32 (NT/XP/Vista) with limited support for Win64.

Targetted Packages

In the following context committed means we are planning to include this item, and have someone willing to do the work. desired implies we are interested in including it, but no one is committed to doing it.

  • MapServer (committed, Jeff)
    • MapServer CGI (committed, Jeff)
    • PHP MapScript (committed, Jeff)
    • Python MapScript (desired)
    • Perl Mapscript (desired)
  • GDAL (committed, Mateusz)
    • Python bindings (desired)
    • Perl bindings (committed, Ari)
    • Plugin Drivers: ECW, OCI, SDE, MrSID, etc (desired)
  • PostGIS/PostgresSQL (desired) (Mark Cave-Ayland?)
  • pgAdminIII/phppgadmin (desired)
  • Mapbender (committed, Astrid)
  • Mapbuilder (desired)
  • OpenLayers (desired)
  • WinGRASS (committed, Jürgen Fischer)
  • Qt (commited, Jürgen Fischer) (for OSSIM, and QGIS)
  • Quantum GIS (committed, Jürgen Fischer) - depends on Qt.
  • OSSIM (desired) - depends on Qt.
  • R (desired)
  • FDO (desired)
  • MapGuide Open Source (desired) - depends on FDO
  • Geoinformatica stack (contains GTK, Perl, GDAL, GDAL-Perl, GTK-Perl, etc) (committed, Ari)
  • uDig
  • Mapnik (desired) (D. Springmeyer interested in helping)
  • MapFish (work in progress should be available by end of 2008)

More detailed information on specific packages is available on the OSGeo4W Packages wiki page.


(interested package maintainers please add your name below!)

  • Jeff McKenna: MS4W Maintainer (includes Apache, PHP, Chameleon, MapServer 5.0 demo, Gmap, ka-Map, OpenLayers packages)
  • Frank Warmerdam: FWTools
  • Mateusz Loskot: maintain GDAL related components
  • Yewondwossen Assefa: MapServer core (including Fusion and ms_ogc_workshop packages)
  • Ari Jolma: Geoinformatica stack
  • Tamas Szekeres: GDAL C#, MapScript C#, Win64 packages
  • Astrid Emde: Mapbender
  • Andrea Antonello: java, uDig
  • Brian Fischer: GeoMOOSE
  • Steve Lime: dBox
  • Jeroen Ticheler: GeoNetwork
  • Mike Adair: Community Mapbuilder
  • Eduin Carrillo: FIST
  • Eduin Carrillo: PhpPgAdmin
  • Jürgen Fischer: Quantum GIS (and missing dependencies like Qt)
  • Dane Springmeyer: Mapnik (Will benefit from python 25, boost will be tricky)
  • Eric Lemoine: MapFish
  • Hirofumi Hayashi: OSGeo-Japan (Installer improvements, i18n)
  • Venkatesh Raghavan: Osaka City University (i18n)



  • Hoping to have a reasonable stable "OSGeo4W 2008" ready for wide use by May 2008.
  • select a Project Steering Committee
  • longer term: enter incubation as an OSGeo project

Build Environment

Each package is built individually on the packager's machine, and then uploaded. There is no need for complete consistency in development environments. So packages might be built with MSVC 6, 7.1, 8, 9, MSYS/MingW and possibly even other compilers. Mixing compilers may be problematic for C++ interfaces, but is generally fine for C interfaces.

Packages used as libraries by other packages should have include files, and stub libraries in the package so the OSGeo4W tree can be used as a "buildkit" for additional packages.


  • must pick our supported version of Java, perl, PHP, Python, etc. to use throughout installer buildkit