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PRESENT: Roel, Arnaud, Simon, Johan, Gael


  • Brainstorming around foss4g BE

Our Foss4G is scheduled on 27 October. Gael checked if the date is maintained by Brussels Environment. They confirm.

On the same date (27/10) BEGEO (NGI event) is reprogrammed.

=> together we decide not to hold FOSS4G on the same day.

But, nobody knows if the big events (Begeo > 1000 people) will be able to be maintained in October.

If it is still forbidden, maybe smaller events like ours can be maintained. At the moment we can't say anything for sure.

Here are a FEW IDEAS:

If we can maintain an event this year:

  • not same date than BEGEO (27/10) or Trefdag (26/11)
  • preferably a reprogramming in December rather than September.

We may have to consider or be forced to adapt the event to half a day rather than a full day. (reduce contact time).

We can also consider one Foss4g as an Online conference:

  • We can get inspired by the recent OSGEO.NL experience.
  • We can maybe ask to use some video material at the Fosdem organization
  • We can imagine inviting all the speaker and the organization teams on the same date and same place, to maximize the quality…

Another point briefly evoked:

  • How to motivate our sponsors
  • We can announce the next starting of call of paper
  • We can make an announcement that the event will take place this year but that the form of the event and the final date will be communicated shortly (max end of the summer.)


  • Prepare consolidated suggestion or other way for next brainstorming meeting:
  • Complete the poll :


  • Ask BE if they have other available this end of year.
  • Suggest short list of another place for the event.
  • Prepare a beer for our next jitsi meeting (same place: