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Heading text Minute 13/05/2020 : It's time to wake-up (S06E02)

PRESENT: Roel, Marc, Moritz, Gael

General Assembly: =

  1. Fix the poll: https://framadate.org/fV89GaovfHfpBBjx before 20/05
  2. It will be a Virtual meeting
  3. Moritz prepare the agenda on the basis of the 2019 invitation (Suggested Agenda: Approval of minutes of GA 2019 - Approval of accounts 2019 - Approval of activity report 2019 - Discharge of the board - New Charter Member - Renewal of the Board - Program of activities 2020 - Budget 2020 - Miscellaneous)
  4. Our president will send it
  5. Gael ask to Tommy for the last Minute (GA 2019)
  6. Particular attention:
    1. Marc send Official Bank Document to Roel to be effective treasurer
    2. Composition of the board
    3. Charter member nomination (voting members)

Foss4g-BE :

  1. We don't want to risk organizing the same day as BEGEO.
  2. After asking Brussels Environment, we would have a free date on Wednesday 16 December with the following room: Auditoire - Atrium - Terra - Sylva => Awaiting confirmation before making the announcement
  3. Actually, we can’t predict what will be allowed, we'll decide on the form of our event (virtual - small committee - ...) later.
  4. The call of paper will be launched soon (after BE confirmation)

Miscellaneous :

  1. Push (all) the minute on OSGEO website