OSSIM Report 2007

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Key Accomplishments

OSSIM has continued to evolve as additional tools, applications and web solutions have been developed with the core C++ library. The key contributors of the project have been working on US Government projects that have been responsible for many of the new tools and capabilities. Most of the recent work has focused on ossimPlanet and OMAR.

ossimPlanet is an accurate 3D global visualization client that emphasizes native file access, navigation and data synchronization between clients and servers, and event driven alerts. This client is being used by several government projects and contractors as well as high end visualization systems located at CALIT2 and the Arizona State University Decision Theater.

Urban Models with ossimPlanet (Washington DC)
Mosaic of Korea with ossimPlanet

OMAR is a web based ossim service that rapidly provides new products to end users.

Areas for Improvement

OSSIM is currently in incubation awaiting final graduation. Work is continuing on documenting the wiki and improving the communications from the Program Steering Committee to the developer list.