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List of all OTB committers since 2006:

  • Amit Kulkarni
  • Angelos Tzotsos
  • Arnaud Jaen
  • Aurelien Bricier
  • Caroline Ruffel
  • Charles Peyrega
  • Chia Aik Song
  • Christophe Palmann
  • Conrad Bielski
  • Cyrille Valladeau
  • Daphne Deleflie
  • Emmanuel Christophe
  • Etienne Bougoin
  • Gregoire Mercier
  • Guillaume Borrut
  • Guillaume Pasero
  • Jonathan Guinet
  • Jordi Inglada
  • Julien Malik
  • Julien Michel
  • Luc Hermitte
  • Manuel Grizonnet
  • Mathieu Deltorre
  • Mickael Savinaud
  • Otmane Lahlou
  • Patrick Imbo
  • Rashad Kanavath
  • Romain Garrigues
  • Rosa Ruiloba
  • Sebastien Dinot
  • Sebastien Harasse
  • Stephane Albert
  • Thomas Feuvrier
  • Tishampati Dhar
  • Vincent Poulain
  • Yin Tiangang

Actual committers to OTB:

  • sdinot (Sébastien Dinot)
  • jmalik (Julien Malik)
  • msavinaud (Mickaël Savinaud)
  • mgrizonnet (Manuel Grizonnet)
  • jmichel (Julien Michel)
  • gpasero (Guillaume Pasero)
  • abricier (Aurélien Bricier)
  • jinglada (Jordi Inglada)
  • rkanavath (Rashad Kanavath)
  • cpalmann (Christophe Palmann)
  • salbert (Stéphane Albert)
  • lhermitte (Luc Hermitte)
  • poughov (Victor Poughon)

An updated list of all contributors to the library is also available in the OTB Software Guide (Chapter 36 - Contributors).

Outstanding Issues

There is no outstanding issue regarding OTB code provenance. OTB integrates in one module a dependency to the 6S library (developed by NASA, Maryland University and LOA lab). The software is distribute freely (including the source code) but without explicit license. We've got the agreement from the software authors and we're in the process of formalize this agreement (there is no issue) In the meantime OTB module which use 6S has been deactivated from the Debian package.

Included Libraries

List of third party libraries source code integrated in OTB source tree:

  • 6S
  • SiftFast
  • Boost (type_traits)
  • OssimPLugins

Other OTB dependencies are not included in the source tree.

Free Libraries

  • 6S
  • SiftFast
  • Boost type_traits
  • OssimPLugins

Non-Free Libraries

OTB does not include any non-free libraries.

Code Review

Moreover CNES commissioned Black Duck to perform a code review of the library in 2011 which does not highlight issue with

An extensive code review was done in the frame of the license migration for OTB in 2016/2017(from CeCILL v2 to Apache v2).

Since March 2017, OTB sources are released under Apache v2 (starting with release 6.0). This modification was conduct by the OTB development team and adopted in the following RFC which detail the procedure.

As describe in the RFC, OTB follows Apache foundation guidelines regarding copyright management, headers definition.