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  • DXF is a CAD data transfer format from Autodesk. The format is based on a human-readable text file format and can be used to exchange CAD data between different programs. We need to design and implement a DXF file parser in Java and then create support for import and export of DXF files in OpenJUMP using the parser. Some limited DXF support in OpenJUMP is available currently, but it is limited and doesn't support many features of the format. The latest DXF specification from Autodesk can be found here.
  • OpenJUMP doesn't currently offer the user a way to manage "data sources". An example of this would be a way to associate layers of geospatial information in a map with the data source from which the features in the layer were created. There has been some initial work done on a catalog system that would allow this management of data sources to take place, but it has not been fully designed or implemented.
  • The location of spatial information can be conveyed in more than one way. One of these methods for conveying the location of spatial information is by "stationing". Stationing measures the distance of a particular geographic feature from another point along a route like a canal, railroad track, or road. We would like to designe and implement OpenJUMP plug-in that allows the user to manage "route-based" data and route stationing. For example, the ability to create a geometry for a geographic feature on a map by selecting a route and entering a station, or the ability to "query" information based on stationing, as in "Show me all of the pipe crossings on this railroad from Station 236+23.22 to Station 245+56.00.

  • OpenJUMP mobil edition.

The idea is to adapt OpenJUMP in a palm or PDA solution. The data will be stored in a pure java spatial database ( A dynamic table system is create to link from geoservices to the spatial database. OpenJUMP load on demand the data from the spatial database. All the histories are preserved in the RDMS.

  • Project and print layout manager in OpenJUMP.

The project consists in customizing the OpenJUMP GUI to be more "user-friendly". The development will be break down into two different stages.

-The first intends to integrate a project manager like in Kosmo GIS ( The project manager is used to manage View, attributes table and page layout.

-The second proposes to merge different print layout plugins on a single tool (,,

  • GMLJP2 an alternate to ECW and MRSID in OpenJUMP.

We will write a driver for OpenJUMP to substitute ECW and MRSID formats by GMLJP2 The GMLJP2 will be port in pure java. We will also to develop a tool to convert geotiff, tfw to GMLJP2 image. The aim is to load large images in OpenJUMP. This project will be support by OpenJUMP community.

Links :,,

  • Raster Map Algebra processing : GRAP.

We attempt to build and develop a middleware, named GRAP, for the data processing in particular, the remote accessing and manipulation of raster data (Digital Elevation Model). This middleware will complete another tool named GDBMS (see One of the goals of this tool is to allow non-programmers to develop complex processing with a limited learning (see GRAP is wrapped with OpenJUMP GIS. This project will be support by OpenJUMP community and the french scientific center IRSTV (Institut de Recherche Sciences et Techniques de la Ville). Look at :