OpenRouter 2009 SOC Ideas

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OpenRouter 2009 SOC Ideas

Enter ideas for development projects here. Note these are just suggestions - students are welcome to propose projects based on their own interests that relate to OpenRouter. Our current efforts are based on the pgRouting project. This routing library provides routing functionality to PostGIS/PostgreSQL.

You can read more about it at the pgRouting project page. There you can find the source code, tutorials, the project mailing list and various other informations.

To give you an idea about some possible SoC projects, here are some suggestions:

pgRouting related ideas

Implement a bi-directional shortest path algorithm

So far pgRouting doesn't provide a bi-directional shortest path search implementation.

Traveling Salesperson solver enhancement

The current pgRouting Traveling Salesperson implementation doesn't allow to return to the start point.

OpenStreetMap data import tool improvement

The recently contributed OpenStreetMap data import tool has a couple of limitations, such as supported attributes, memory management, cross-platform support, etc..

Add support for time constraints

Real-time shortest path searches are not implemented yet in pgRouting. What if network conditions change during a trip? An example could be train or bus schedules or time restrictions in road networks. Currently pgRouting algorithms don't take into account network these changes.

Network layering support

This idea is a quite a challenging task. Network layering would allow the routing algorithm to change from more to less dense networks to enable long-distance routing.

Better support for turn restrictions


Explicator for driving directions


Open Router related ideas

Network data import tools

Improved support for Navteq data loading. Import tool for TeleAtlas data or other network data sources.

General purpose Routing library

Start work on a new general purpose OpenSource Routing library that could be more modular and reusable and could be used with or without a database?

Mentor Candidates

The following individuals are potentially willing to serve as OpenRouter/pgRouting mentors or co-mentors.

  • Daniel Kastl
  • Anton Patrushev
  • Francisco José Peñarrubia