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Open Science Committee Budget Planning 2020

The OpenGeosSci committee requests to OSGeo a total budget for the year 2020 of 7,562 USD.

This is intended to cover:

  • 1 hosted OSGeo-focused event at EGU 2020 (EGU OSGeo Event 2020, including catering costs) (2,562 USD (approx.))
  • Outreach (Open Science, AGU, etc.) (3,000 USD)
  • Hackathons (2,000 USD)

EGU General Assembly

  • Event: townhall (EGU Event_2020)
  • Venue rental: none
  • Catering: 2,278 USD (based on previous experience) [required]
  • Promotional material: 285 USD (Posters/flyers/media/giveaways announcing the event) [required]

Sub-Total requested budget: 2,562 USD / 2250 EUR

Outreach at Open Science events

  • Training/Promotional material: 500 USD (Handouts, USB live, Open Hardware, etc.)
  • Registrations/travel costs: 1,500 USD
  • OSGeo Open Science Awards: 1,000 USD

Sub-Total requested budget: 3,000 USD

External outreach potentials

  • EGU Participantion in the "Ask me anything"-booth about research data and software, similar to the events hosted at AGU GA): ("The Data FAIR at AGU Fall Meeting, which is a program of the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), EarthCube, and AGU, as well as their partners, provides researchers with opportunities to engage with informatics experts familiar with their scientific domain and learn about skills and techniques that will help further their research and make their data and software open and FAIR. ... The Data FAIR activities will include Town Halls, Workshops, Demos, and a Data Help Desk staffed with experts from the Earth and space science informatics community. Unless otherwise noted, all events will take place at Exhibit Hall Booth #1329.")

OSGeo outreach opportunities

  • FOSS4G Asia
  • FOSS4G Europe
  • FOSS4G
  • FOSSGIS (local event for German speaking countries)

Hackathons / Open Science Sprints

  • Catering & handout: 1000 USD
  • Venue rental: 1000 USD


  • Eastern Central European Open Data Hackathon at DIW Berlin in Q3 2020 (Participants to be expected from Germany, Poland, Czechia and Denmark).
  • 5th Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures Conference - EaPEC 2020
  • Tutorial session or additional splinter session at EGU 2020

Sub-Total requested budget: 2,000 USD