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Currently planning activities for EGU 2016

  • a short course,
  • sessions and a Townhall event..

join our mailing list and stay tuned, volunteers are always welcome

Overview: OSGeo-related short courses at EGU 2016

Topic Point of contact Remarks
Aster/LiDAR using QGIS Processing Lene Fischer tbd
isSOS / PostGIS Maxi Cannata et al. tbd

Introductory course to OSGeo-Live:

Topic Point of contact Remarks
Install on VM Micha Silver availability of DVD's or USB drives?
QGIS Raffaele Albano
GRASS Micha Silver/Peter Löwe
R (high potential: Edzer Pebesma ?)
Python (iris,netcdf4,cartopy)
python notebook

Ideas collected for the introductionary short course at EGU 2016

  • Introductory course to OSGeo-Live, duration 90 minutes, preferably during lunch break.
  • Material that could be presented include gsoc work of Massimo Di Stefano (aka 'epifanio'), a series of educational material based on OSGeo-Live, featuring the main software included in the distro.
  • epifanio made himself available to create ad-hoc material in collaboration with those who will be giving the course. In fact, at present the main issue remains that we don't have a lecturer.

Overview: FOSS-related sessions at the EGU GA 2016

OSGeo Townhall


(Source: EGU Page) "Townhall meetings are meetings open to all conference participants. At townhall meetings, new initiatives or decisions are announced to a larger audience, followed by an open discussion on the matter raised.

Anyone may organize such a townhall meeting subject to approval by the programme committee chair. Townhall meetings will take place Monday–Tuesday, 18–19 April 2016, and Thursday–Friday, 21–22 April 2016, 19:00–20:00, in the lecture rooms of the congress centre. Applications need the prior approval by the programme committee chair. Upon acceptance, the respective meeting will appear in the townhall meetings programme as a regular session."


  • Application at EGU: 205-12: Registration is open. Reservation based on first come / first served basis.
  • Funding request at OSGeo BOard: next board meeting (when ?)
  • Catering: not later than early March 2016
  • Event layoout / Speakers: "before the event" (preferably not last minute)
  • Interfaces: Synchronisation with session conveners, training course hosts, etc needed
  • Marketing activities (Poster/flyer production, invites, etc): before March 2016
  • Content for official EGU poster (to be produced by Copernicus (conference organizers)): to be announced.
  • Blog entries as requested by Board: tbd


  • Planning & Preparation-Team:
    • Peter Loewe
    • [your name here]

Next steps

  • update this page / outline of committee
  • [ACHIEVED] create mailing list (ticket)
  • [ACHIEVED] draft email request to send to the OSGeo Board to create a new committee (preferably before next Board meeting on 13 August)
  • Schedule a telco regarding EGU 2016 planning