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Each year the OSGeo California Chapter give the Open Geospatial Data Award to one organization in California. (You can also nominate organizations outside California, but California organizations will be given a preference.) The award recognizes the organization's efforts to promote open access to geospatial data. The award provides a great opportunity to recognize good behavior on the part of government agencies and other organizations that are promoting open access to quality geospatial data.

Award Selection Criteria

The organization selected for the award is judged by the award committee using the following criteria:

1) The geospatial data is released by the organization without:

  • Restrictions on its use.
  • Requirements for indemnification ("duty to defend").
  • Restrictions on distribution.
  • Restrictions on modification.
  • Requirement for monetary compensation.

2) The geospatial data released by the organization is easily accessible.

3) The geospatial data released by the organization is high quality:

  • The data is regularly updated.
  • The data is complete.
  • The data is well documented (metadata).
  • The data is reasonably accurate and precise.

Award Selection Committee

  • Landon Blake
  • Tamara Colby
  • Allan Hollander

Award Nominations

Anyone can nominate an organization for the award. Please send your nomination, with some information about the ogranization and its support for open geospatial data to the OSGeo Chapter California Mailing List. Or, if you prefer, you can e-mail it to Landon Blake (

Open Geospatial Data Award 2012 Nominations

Example Award

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