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This page is now superseded by the new Service Provider Directory.

This page is an informal effort to identify and collect professional training options for open source geospatial technologies. I am thinking primarily about companies offering professional training courses though other forms might also apply.

For each entry please include the name of the organization providing the training, a brief description of the technologies covered, and an external link to somewhere with more information. If an organization offers several pre-prepared courses, adding an entry for each should be fine.

  • Gateway Geomatics, Canada: Customized on-site training on MapServer, GDAL, QGIS, and GRASS. Specializing in publishing spatial information to the Internet.
  • Redefined Horizons, USA: Customized training around OpenJUMP and related GIS software - [1]
  • DM Solutions Group, Canada: Various Training options for MapServer, MapGuide, Chameleon, ka-Map and related packages. [2]
  • Mapgears, Canada: Customized training on MapServer, Chameleon, ka-Map and related packages. - English Français
  • GDF Hannover, Germany: Various Training options for GRASS GIS and QGIS [3]
  • nature-consult, Germany: GRASS and Quantum GIS training courses, workshops and talks [4]
  • Lorenzo Becchi, based in Europe, moving everywhere: training and seminaries on ka-Map and PyWPS. - Italiano - Español - English
  • Resultados del Tutorial ISSTOCAM WebGIS Spanish Language Installation Tutorials for OSGeo SDI Stack components on the Windows operating system.
  • Intevation GmbH, Germany: Professional training courses and workshops for PostGIS, MapServer and individual OSS-GIS-Software.
  • Faunalia: Many standard and customized training options for GRASS, QGIS, PostGIS, Mapserver, p.mapper. The largest teaching experience in Italy. Languages: Italian, English, French.
  • Refractions Research: PostGIS, Mapserver, Geoserver, uDig and Geotools training. User and developer level courses available.
  • lat/lon GmbH, Germany: Training courses and workshops for deegree and Building SDI with Open Source Software (OSS). Languages: German.
  • WhereGroup GmbH & Co. KG, Regular training courses in German. Workshops in English language for Mapbender, MapServer, GeoServer, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Spatial Data Infrastructure: Design, Implementation, Operation, Maintenance and Security.
  • OpenGEO: Professional training courses in Brazil for PostGIS, phpPgGIS, MapServer (CGI and PHPMapScript), gvSIG, OpenJUMP, Geotools, GeoServer and Geolivre Linux.
  • SADL User:SADL K.U.Leuven R&D: Training courses in Belgium for MapServer, Geoserver, WMS/WFS services, GRASS, QGIS as well as CASCADOSS deliverables: FOSS4G licensing, business models and comparison of software projects.
  • LISAsoft, based in Australia and New Zealand, offers a range of GeoSpatial Standards and Open Source courses.
  • SIGTE, University of Girona, offers several online courses based on the use of Free and Open Source Software, in particular the UNIGIS International MSc in GIS, and online and onsite courses of GRASS, gvSIG, OpenLayers, Kosmo, PostgreSQL/PostGIS... and an International Summer School