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This page is about the meetings for GFOSS organized by the Portuguese OSGeo Local chapter,

The meetings are promoted by a group in individuals interested in the creation and formalization of a OSGeo Local Chapter in Portugal. There is already a mailing list running for the Local Chapter, with some interesting activity. The OSGeo wiki already has some information about the Local Chapter.


The second meeting will take place from 2 and 4 of November 2009 in Èvora, in the south of Portugal. The organization is assured by a group of academic, public and private institutions. The 2009 meeting web site II SASIG is available for now in Portuguese but it will be soon available also in English. All information is already there: a draft program, a registration form, travel and accommodation information, etc.

The event needs to be supported by sponsors. The information for sponsors is available at the event's site.

The main language will be the Portuguese to promote the development of a local FOSS4G users community. English or Spanish presentations are also welcome by invited speakers.


  • The first meeting took place in October 2008, from 20th to 22th. It was held in Águeda, in the centre of Portugal. One and a half day were dedicated to presentations, and another one day and a half were dedicated to the workshops. With about 160 participants the meeting was undoubtedly a success. The event site is I SASIG.