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PDX-OSGEO: Session 4 - OpenStreeMap How To

Rafa and Jeremy gave us a tour of Potlatch I Potlatch II

showing how to edit once you create an account

Someone asked about - not the same as OSM!

Check out for more OSM tile options (esp for mobile)

gpx (GPS Exchange Format) file from mobile devices


- mapquest has an OSM now - bing has an OSM layer - trimet is working on an OSM editing project so that they can use it for routing


For the Sendai quake there are specific tags that can be used for the Humanitarian response.

for most people who are tagging damaged roads one common one is “Tsunami damage: Flooding”

Question: do the State, or County or City emergency response community have OSM teams? (Answer = No),

Question: would they have mechanisms for using data contributed to OSM in the event of a disaster? (Answer: not at the moment, but they are looking at pre-disaster planning work that could use OSM to help plan for collection of authoritative data)

What can we do to prepare ourselves better for disasters that could occur here? Tsunami signs, evacuation routes, and sirens location information

Community Emergency Response teams would be one set of users of disaster data that was contributed to OSM

Quick tour of other editors:

Merkaartor, JOSM

Tour of Tag lists of key-value pairs in the wiki

Apps for Using OSM / Editing OSM on a phone:

- MapZen (good for Points of Interest / point Amenity data) - OpenMaps - Skobbler (reporting errors)

Mapnik rendering - choosing what to render, and how

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