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I'm a geo geek developer

Long stuff

I'm and old-school-formed hacker dedicated to web development.

Mainly javascript based stuff right now.

Been an open source developer for 10 years, always trying to push my deliverables as open source. Not as a fanatic, but as an advocate.

One of my main areas of interest is geospatial software. I participate actively in Argentina's community of geospatial developers and developed some nice tools for my community.

Some open licensed Geo developments on my records

  • GlobalWAMP - Wonderful Approach on Maps for Periodistas
  • Leaflet Weather - A Leaflet plugin for adding a widget control to your map.
  • ArgenWAMP - Aryentain Web Anamorphic Maps Player
  • idera.jquery - A jQuery plugin to visualizar IDERA data. IDERA is Argentina's Spatial Data Infrastructure Initiative.
  • Idera Estado WMS - A monitoring app for IDERA's WMS services.
  • Argenmap - Web Maps API offering Argentina's official geo-data to web developers trying to use an official map on their own site.
    • argenmap.jquery - The core browser code for embedding Argenmap maps into users' sites.
    • L.TileLayer.Argenmap - A Layer interface for consuming Argenmap maps easily with Leaflet.
    • OpenLayers.Layer.Argenmap - A Layer interface for consuming Argenmap maps easily with Leaflet.
    • Argenmap Bugs - A bug reporter for Argenmap maps.
    • Argenmap Cache builder - argenmap-cachebuilder was the first tile server cache for Argenmap maps. It was installed in multiple locations in order to lighten the load on the WMS server that rendered Argenmap maps tiles. This way, embedded maps wouldn't be a burden to the WMS service provided by IGN (Instituto Geográfico Nacional).



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