PCI Geomatics Report 2008

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PCI Geomatics

PCI Geomatics is a world leading developer of hardware/software systems for geo-imaging solutions. Since 1982, we have specialized in remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, spatial analysis, cartographic production, automated production systems, image management and on demand mapping solutions. Our advanced systems address a wide variety of industry applications including the environment, agriculture, security and intelligence, aerospace & defense, and satellite receiving stations.

PCI Geomatics regards OSGeo to be beneficial to the geomatics industry and became an Associate Sponsor in 2008. In addition, PCI Geomatics also participated as a Silver Sponsor at the OSBootCamp event in June, at Carleton University in Ottawa.

"PCI Geomatics uses a number of open source tools and software in its development process. We do this because our programmers often know the tools and the software that is made available for specific applications is usually the best. PCI Geomatics has frequently contributed to the open source community and will continue to do so. We believe OSGeo is the appropriate geospatial organization to work with and they have a strong local (Ottawa) presence."

Due to our activities and involvement with OSGeo, PCI Geomatics has contracted Frank Warmerdam to create an Open Source implementation of its PCIDSK file format with eventual inclusions into GDAL. The PCIDSK implementation will be both 32 and 64 bit implementation, provide read/write access to all data types and multi data, as well as provide thread safe asynchronous access to raster data.

We look forward to a continued relationship in 2009.