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PDX-OSGEO meeting
9/28/2011 6-7
Location: OpenSourcery in NW Portland & Across the street afterwards



Regular meeting business

(e.g., Upcoming GIS events/conferences, next meeting presenters or topics, discussions, updates, etc.)

  • FOSS4G, SotM, and other reports. Discussions on...
    • routing talks
    • gamification of maps and data collection (Skobler). Utilized OSM data.
    • GIS going to an IT field; education curriculum not going to that. Job hires versus educational experience.
    • Mini FOSS4G in North America; possibly piggy-backing off another conference.
  • OSGeo discuss announce -
    • we need an announcement.
    • Mail list thread
  • OSGeo Annual Report -
    • need annual report for the OSGeo journal.
    • Mail list thread too
  • WhereCamp around corner. Stack demo? Other involvement.
    • Announcements made to PDXOSGEO group, GIS_Info, and other groups.
    • Wherecamp folks need onsite volunteers, money for food, help with coordinating food, and help with coordinating games for Sunday. Also lots and lots of publicity, plus everyone should register http://wherecamppdx11.eventbrite.com/
    • Volunteers on Oct 8th Christian, Eli, Tanya–
    • GeoCeg will contribute $100 towards coffee – Contact Rob <shift-2> denner.us. Thanks GeoCeg!
    • Collective agency – possible space for Friday activities…
    • Possible lists to circulate on – CUGOS, GIS_info, GPL, ORURISA, PSU lists, OSU lists,
  • GIS In Action call for presentations - this Fall but will be hosted in Spring, Jantzen Beach.
    • Put in for papers, PDX-OSGEO has been well represented in the past.
    • Please submit an abstract along with a brief biography by November 18, 2011 to doug <shift-2> davidsmithmapping.com and Bob.Pool <shift-2> clark.wa.gov. Abstracts submitted after this date are welcome, but those submitted by the deadline will be given first consideration in the program.
  • Nov and Dec meetings?
    • Rob mentioned meeting with Seattle meetings.
    • Winter coders' social instead of December meeting

Let it be known: Rob Denner bought beer.


  • Jonathan Karon (fightingmonk) is coming to present his OSBridge 2011 session
    • Awesome stuff
    • Cool animations
    • Python
    • Some tricks to convert DOGAMI modeled wave from binary to ASCII


    • We need to do a better job coordinating meeting time and space
    • Thinking more than a few days in advance would be ideal
    • Collective Agency also a venue option (NW 6th and Everett; contact: Audrey E).
    • Mississippi Pizza: Percy’s band is playing tomorrow night

Remaining schedule (every fourth Wednesday)

  • October 26th (Lev Tyspin from ThinkShout is coming to talk about some Drupal mapping work they've done).
    • need to coordinate with Opensourcery earlier this time. We have a speaker lined up already. Also confirm our meeting time as 6pm.
  • November 30th
    • possible shift to 3rd and coordinate/visit CUGOS in Seattle; Rob has a house to stay at.
  • December 28th
    • (Winter Coder Social is in Dec, could be an alternative)



  • Minutes are throughout the agenda as italic