PDX OSGEO 20111025 Agenda

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Christian Schumann Heather Crowsley Rob Denner Neil Tom Dubuisson - PSU CS Rafa Gutierrez - Grafa John Stroud John Milem - GIS "user", lives in Vancouver WA - described redistricting plans and using QGIS to measure the impact of business on redistricting plan. Trying to create open source solution for... Darrell Fuhriman - Jeremy Van Gelder Sean - Portland School District Redistricting Tanya Andy - Public Sector - redistricting, tax assessment, SAR, manaagement, comm, Nate Deniro - Open Health and Open TV, Open trip Planner for disabled vets Eli - Lincoln County Sarah Chapman - Others?


New proposed meeting time - Wednesday, earlier; 6, 6:30p, 7p? Went in circles but I think we're settled on 6:30p unless something changes in the new year.

Formalizing the group - communication, email, CMS, meeting planning, planners list, Rob volunteered for meeting manager - rotating calendar (Google)


Lev Tsypin from Thinkshout gave short presentation on Mapping with Drupal 7. He gave an overview of platforms, scripting libraries, and a brief summary Drupal speak. Went over:

Input and Storage issues, Geofield, Address/Geocoders, File/OpenLayers KML Layer (upload capabilities), Location - not so good in D7.

For Display - OpenLayers, Leaflet, GMap


- Storage - Geofield
- Input - Geofield, Address Field and Geocoder, Openlayers map picker
- Display - Openlayers, Leaflet


Data Types are limited.

Other Stuff

Bring any and all cables for presentations. Bring business cards, especially for new members/attendees.