PDX OSGEO 20120125 Agenda

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In Attendance 14 Members Tim, Matt, Andy, Thomas, Ryan, Neal, Darrel, Gary, Skip, Tanya, Edwin, Jeremy, Percy, Christian And three were new to the group. Welcome aboard!

We went through Introductions – Took some time need to make these brief

Thanking OpenSourcery We discussed ideas to thank Open Sorcery our original meeting place that we recently grew out of. They were so gracious to let us have our meetings there and we so appreciate it

Some ideas that were kicked around Some sort of public facing Thank you Something Mappy (We are maps) Use some sort of map where we all enter a location and Say a personal thank you Say a personal thank you to the guy who stayed around. Silicon-Forest poster farmed. – Question is are they on it?

Discussion about GIS In Action

Discuss when we have the Open Source Un-Conference and when to have it. We decided that Saturday was out because we tend to get less of a crowd and it was pretty far from the actual event. We decided that we would have it either on Monday or Thursday. We are looking for some volunteers to help make this happen. Percy is doing his Doctorate (Congrats Percy) and cannot put in the time that he has in the past.

Darrel posted the Monday, Thursday question to our brothers up at CUGOS to get their input we would like them to join us if possible

Discussion of GIS in Action we have a Open Source Track We have 3 1.5 hour and a half sessions

First Session Smack Down Split up into two 45 minute sessions. Webmapping and Tile Caching (Web Mapping)

      Google, Open Layers, PolyMaps, LeafLet  …. Any others
          Rafa – PolgMaps 
          (Open Layers)
      Decided that we would do a Google Map and Convert that to an Open Layers
           Christian Sherman Curtis to do the Google Map
           (?) Forgot who would do this

(Tile caching)

   Tile Mill, OS Geo 
       Ed volunteered to do the Tile Mill, 
       Darrel will do OsGeo

Second Session ESRI and OSGEO Integration

    Looking to get Karsten (Not sure of the spelling)


     Skip to do walk through on the