PDX OSGEO 20130515 Meeting

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Time and Location

  • May 15th, 6-8pm
  • Flight Stats


  1. Garlynn Woodsong from Calthorpe Associates will present the UrbanFootprint scenario planning tool (http://www.calthorpe.com/scenario_modeling_tools)
  2. The Hack-a-thon at OSBridge will be discussed
  3. Open discussion: Recap of the GIA conference + unconference, open topics.
  4. FOSS4G west coast email thread, http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/discuss/2013-May/011635.html
  5. OSGeo shirts for conference booths, http://www.cafepress.com/osgeo/1752234

Meeting notes

In attendance: Darrell Fuhriman, Andy, Jeff Meyers, Neil, Christian Schumann-Curtis, Ed Boraski, Garlynn Woodsong, Rob Denner, Wm Leler, David Percy, Eli Adam, Tanya Haddad.

OSBridge hack-a-thon

Proposed for one night of the hacker lounge. They would want a commitment at least a week before the conference starts. We can use the hacker lounge and/or a classroom for our monthly meeting. This was generally agreed to be a good idea.

Science on a Sphere is having a hack-a-thon on Tuesday, so if anyone is interested in attending that and having stuff up on Wednesday, you should totally do that.

Wm proposed a TileMill hack session, having people do map building hacks.

Other suggestions? Mele doing OSM introduction presentation?


Garlynn presented on Calthorpe's Urban Footprint planner, which was really cool.

Unconference Report

Wm says the conference was lightly attended, but high quality. Rob says that GIS in Action seems to have been less well attended as well. Stamen is reported to have won the Basemap Smackdown.


Wm has a free ticket to Open Source Bridge for a deserving party, and will give it to said person.

People agreed that getting a variety of t-shirts from OSGeo to wear at OS Bridge and other conferences. Percy wanted to know if people could keep them, and Eli said they could if they wanted to.