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  • Meeting planning has been done loosely by an ad hoc group of varying people as needed and as schedules permitted. That has not always worked entirely smoothly.
  • Recent sentiment has been that the planner's list is unnecessary, and that planning for future meetings should be done in the general list.

Plan for future

  • Make a planners email list see planners list not currently in use
  • Document what it takes to plan a meeting
  • Make sure all interested members can plan a meeting

Specific time line example

  • 1-2 months in advance
  1. Get a presenter, discussion topic, or some other meeting event
  2. (Tim and Ecotrust are often working on something fun if you need ideas)
  3. Email this to planners list
  4. Determine a location (Ecotrust, Renewable Funding, Flightstats, and PSU are generally options)
  • 2-3 weeks in advance
  1. Email the planners list what you are doing for the meeting and call for others to pick up the rest
  2. Post on Calagator
  • 1 week in advance
  1. Make an Agenda Page on the wiki
  2. Email the group list that there is a meeting. Include the time, place, agenda link, and any other relevant details
  • Day before or day of
  1. Send another reminder email?
  2. (We are thinking of having pizza every meeting, if so, then) order pizza?
  • At meeting
  1. Take attendance
  2. Take notes in wiki

     Meeting notes can be added to Agenda inline as italics, in which case, it should probably just be a meeting page rather than an Agenda page.


  • Rough outline so far.