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List based on Local Chpater Formation Guidelines

  • Name (once we decide, I'll start the page on the OSGeo wiki):
  • Region of group.
    • Match OR-URISA (Oregon and SW Washington). Cugos gave us Oregon so we are clear of overlap (some rounding needed).
  • "OSGeo Chapter" should prepare a mission and objectives indicating the scope of the planned chapter (geographic or linguistic extent for instance).
    • >With thanks and apologies to CUGOS (http://cugos.org/), here is a rough initial draft.

The OSGeo PDX-OSGEO Chapter strives to promote the local use of Open Source Geospatial software, particularly by new users in the Oregon/SW Washington area. The group hosts monthly meetings providing presentation, discussion, and educational opportunities and focuses on materializing an annual Open Source GIS unconference.

  • “OSGeo Chapter” should propose an official representative to liaise with the OSGeo Board. If accepted by the board, the representative will be an officer of OSGeo.
    • Percy switched to Eli
  • List of initial members.
    • Opt-in. Darrell will use google form to have people sign up. We thought opt in was less evil than opt out. That turned out to not be easy so we switched to opt out at the April and May 2012 Meetings. It was to be announced on the list with ample time Email.
  • Email list, website, wiki, etc.
    • For now stay with google groups for email
    • Darrell registered pdxosgeo.org
    • Here is the wiki
    • We considered switching to OSGEO mailman infrastructure, however, think that we may lose email list members.
  • Send announcement email to OSGeo-Discuss list
  • Ask OSGeo Board of Director for official recognition as a local chapter