Pacific Geospatial Conference 2022

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This is the fifth annual conference sponsored by OSGeo Oceania, which will be held in November 2022 as an in-person event in Suva, Fiji.

  • The conference website is an evolving effort, but will have the latest information about local hubs, sponsorship, ticketing and much more.


University of the South Pacific, Suva Fiji

There will be a logo competition to find the best logo for the conference soon. Logo Contest

Program Overview

Date Name
Monday 28 November 2022 Workshops
Tuesday 29 November - Thursday 01 December Concurrent Sessions
Friday 02 December 2022 Discussion Day


  • TBA


Organising Committee

  • Alyssa Wright
  • Carrol Chan
  • Elisa Puccioni
  • Emali Turaga
  • Emma Hain
  • Greg Lauer
  • James Ford
  • Jonah Sullivan
  • Kate Fairlie
  • Kristiana Ciocio
  • Lanieta Rokotuiwakaya
  • Merelita Lewabete
  • Mikko Tamura
  • Mohammed Abdullah Bin Shorab
  • Rafael Kargren
  • Renata Varea
  • Stuart Phinn
  • Tiaotin Enari
  • Ms. Ueakeia Tofinga


OSGeo Oceania is working in conjunction with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Tasker (HOT OSM) and the Pacific Geospatial and Remote Sensing Council (PGRSC).