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Who to thanks

  • Mozilla Paris Host Sponsor: André - Without him we just can't be hosted in such an amazing venue. He gave a lot of his time, to help us before the event on all logistics questions we could have, and then had always been present all over the week to be sure everything went well for us... He also suggests us to invite an audience on D2 evening, and it was such a good idea...
  • Sponsorship: Obviously we have to warmly thanks all the sponsors: Oslandia, CartoDB, IGN, GeoCue, Planet Labs, rapidlasso, Ioda-net, Compass Informatics, Azavea, Atol CD and Dalibo ; as they provide funds for this event. And not to forget also peoples who help on sponsorship stuff and among them, a thought to: Even, Martin, Didier, Jody, Stephan and Franck.
  • All the attendees, who came to this sprint and worked that well together, and so who really made this event.
  • All the organizations beside the attendees who fund theirs time and travel's fees: Oslandia, Athena RC - NTUA, Eox, US Army Corps of Engineers, Hobu, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Cadcorp, MapGears, Terriscope, Spatialys, Netherlands eScience Center, rapidlasso, CNES, Ioda-Net, IWMI, Azavea, CartoDB, CS, Thales, Dalibo, IGN, GeometryFactory, Geodan, Maponics, Saab AB, Compass, 2nd Quadrant, Champs Libre, Paragon and ETALAB.
  • Treasurer: Jean-Marie (OSGeo FR) - For the very good (and tedious) job he done, and still do, as handling bank wires, invoices and accounting ; related to this sprint.
  • Logistic help at D1 and D3: Benoit and Anne (OSGeo FR) - To came, as volunteers, to help us on 'on site' logistic stuff. Many thanks for that!
  • Attendees help and especially on D2 evening for the team who help to speed up the catering tidy.
  • OSGeo FR and OSGeo: to provide backup funding 'in case of' (special thanks here to Etienne and Jody).
  • Daniel: For staying at Mozilla at evening time suggestion (a really good one).
  • Etienne, Cédric, Even: OSGeo FR kakemono handling.
  • Sylvain: for the Laser Chicken Logo.
  • Vincent: Initial proposition to organize this 2016 Code Sprint in France. D2 evening animation (pitches coordination and presentation). Intermediations.
  • Olivier: Project coordination.
  • Oslandia: funding of Sylvain, Vincent and Olivier time on this code Sprint organization.