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- Attendees expected that D1 morning breakfast would be already available. And it wasn’t.

- We really missed one or two rooms, big enough for 10-12 peoples. For meetings.

- Badges:

  • was a good idea, and something to keep on such a big group.
  • Color code related to projects, on badges, to. But forget to communicate on the color code a bit pity.
  • Keep in mind that badges can’t stop to flip and print names on both sides.


- Using only TOSPrint ML is clearly not enough (some/few attendees never even heard about it)

  • OSGeo discuss mailing list is a must (and also ML from projects wanted to been reached)
  • Using far more Tweeter (and if possible with a dedicated account for the event)

- #TOSPrint should have been replaced by something like #CodeSprint #OSGeo (who reminds that TO refers to Toronto ?)

- When you speak about money, discovered than far more people listen. And somehow it was also a way to promote this event (through funding stuff).

- Use one mail time to time with several points stacked, increase chances to be read.

- A nice event Logo was such an help to communicate

- Core of participants really help to spread information

Event dynamic

- We avoid every time we could to interrupt the whole sprint at once (for speechs, announces and so on…). Sponsors could have a kakemono, but no dedicated time for a speech. No D1 welcome speech, nor ending one on D4…

- Forget any kind of evening event not strictly related to code and projects, nobody care (for similar reasons "break ideas" were useless).

- D2 evening is a good timing to let everyone talk about what he do. It let time enough to anyone to really get in.

- Projects tables plan been designed to help to "build bridges".

- Keep the best evening place affordable, for the last evening. (and try to make every day better than the one before)

- Staying on the event sprint on at least one evening is a really good idea. D2 choice was a good one. (maybe D1 could be, but for sure, not D3).

- If the venue allow that, find a solution to open the main room on early morning.

- Evening places must allow to communicate easily in small groups.

- Quite impressed about D0 evening participation, about half the sprinters were already there... Welcoming event has to been kept...

Food and drink

- Quality and variety of food and drink were really targeted. To be noticed that attendees noticed it.

- For a next edition keep in mind that ~10% of attendees are vegetarians.

- Open bar on evening time is appreciated (what a surprise).

- D1 meal trays (on lunch time) weren't such a good idea (even if practical)