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PCS Infomatics India Private Ltd. incorporated at Hyderabad, India is a fast emerging IT & GeoSpatial services provider and a premier R&D unit in ITES & Web Mapping Solutions.

Since our inception in the last quarter of the year 2006, we are committed to application development in the domain of Spatial Information Technology with focus on Open Source Web-based GIS.

PCS Infomatics is a SME sized company comprised of small core team of 6 permanent staff and extensive network of supporting multidisciplinary experts for specifically oriented tasks.

Our vision is to earn global recognition in e-Mapping Solutions.

Our Technology expertise

GIS - MapServer,GeoServer,SharpMap,OpenJUMP,Quantum GIS

Development Platforms – Microsoft .NET,Java,J2EE

Scripting Languages – PHP,JavaScript

Databases – MySQL,PostgreSQL/PostGIS