Piotr Pachół

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GIS user, trainer and manager
Open source for geospatial tester, translator and promoter
Python and SQL programmer (especially for geospatial)

Main activities

  • Collecting, processing, managing and sharing geospatial data
  • Topographic data updating
  • Supervision of topographic database management system
  • Creating and publishing metadata

Personal interests

  • Generalization and visualization spatial data
  • Georeferenced data classification
  • Creating Python and SQL scripts to automate calculations and map generation or to analyze and verify spatial data.

Activities in open source domain

Localization (Polish translation)

Software evaluating

Software testing

Promoting open source

  • Co-organization of conferences and sessions conected with open software for GIS

Training in open source domain

  • Tutoring and supervision of students in practical part of their master's theses, which have been also done using open source software


Member of Poland OSGeo Chapter