Press Release 2007-08-03 "Service Provider Directory Launched"

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Contact: Frank Warmerdam


OSGeo Launches Service Provider Directory

Directory of Consultants and Solutions Providers for Open Source Geospatial Opens

Eganville, Ontario, Canada, September 3rd, 2007 - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) is pleased to announce the general availability of the OSGeo Service Provider Directory. The directory is a simple web application for identifying organizations and individuals offering services in support of open source geospatial technologies. The directory contains listings from around the world, offering expertise on a variety of open source technologies including the core projects managed by OSGeo. The directory can be found from the OSGeo home page, or directly at:

INSERT PITHY QUOTE HERE (surely DM Solutions or Arnulf's group or ??? would be able to quickly turn around a quote for us?) Could say something like how nice it is to have such a venue for all to advertise their services, and/or how this gives customers an easy, single, well-known place to go to find out who they can call.

Listings by Technology, Location, and Language

The directory supports searching for service providers based on technology, location, and language. Our technology list includes a wide variety of open source geospatial packages for which commercial service is offered, ranging from spatial databases (such as PostGIS) to popular mapping server platforms (such as MapServer and GeoServer) to low-level libraries (such as GDAL and OpenLayers). As additional packages demonstrate sufficient interest and are brought to our attention by service providers, they will be added to the list. The support for these technologies also varies widely: while projects like custom database or server extensions are common, our providers can also help with web programming, getdatabase design and optimization, AND SOME MORE STUFF LIKE THAT.

Searching by location allows users to connect with individuals and organizations that operate in their country. Though many will provide services anywhere in the world, some users may feel more comfortable establishing relationships with local businesses. Additionally, the language search option allows users to identify those who can provide service in their own native language. These two search criteria allow users to easily identify service providers that best fit their specific needs.

Providers Welcome

The OSGeo Service Provider Directory already includes nearly 100 entries for organizations and individuals providing services around open source geospatial software. We welcome additional service providers: registration is free, and details are available through a link on the main Service Provider Directory page.

OSGeo offers this service as part of its mission to support and promote the use of open source geospatial software. However, please be aware that OSGeo does not attempt to qualify those who register in the service provider directory. The directory operates as a service to help identify potential service providers, but it is still up to the potential client to evaluate the capacity and appropriateness of different service providers.

About the Open Source Geospatial Foundation

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