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Questions to LoI of the Florence Team:

Eli Adam:

  1. Please clarify the August 24 to 26 dates or how dates might work with other conferences. Would SotM work in that venue on the 27th (without the auditorium) and 28th? Would the price of the venue work for SotM? When would the code sprint be scheduled?

FLOC answer:

The dates will work because from 24th to 26th there will be the main FOSS4G conference, maybe on the 26th we could have some OSM related workshops at the University in order to not have any problems with the space. Moreover, if the venue costs will not fit with the SotM conference we can use the University spaces, some rooms will be used for the code sprint and others for the SotM conference. Usually SotM conferences need 3/4 rooms and more or less the same numbers of rooms are required for the code sprint so there will be no space problems. However so far we haven’t received an answer neither from OSM nor from HOT, but we are going to contact them again to discuss and see how we can collaborate.