Q&A Stage 1 Istanbul

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Questions to LoI of the Istanbul Team:

Till Adams:

  • In your LoI I miss answers to questions 6 (early thoughts on prices) + 7 (price range for accommodation) ... are there any early estimations on these ?

Answers LOC Istanbul:

6. Early thoughts on prices of conference attendance? (indicative estimates)

  • Registration fee is approximately 500 euros. Registration fee may vary by delegate type, such as student, one-day, accompanying person, and/or, depending on the region in which the delegate participates, such as local, developing country.

7. What is the price range and general location of your proposed accommodations? (hotels)

  • Istanbul is a very dynamic and touristic mega city. There is too many different categories and areas for accommodations, therefore accomadation prices vary in a broad range. Nevertheless, for a general view, accommodation prices range is approximately from 60 euros (3 stars hotels and below) to 120 euros (4 star hotels). Cheaper and different accommodation options are also available.